Best way to celebrate New Year

new year celebration

new year celebration

New Year is a gala time. It is celebrated in gatherings across the world with immense joy and enthusiasm.

Since no legitimate literature is available to support the pioneer nation of new year celebrations, its exact origin cannot be stated. It is believed that new year celebrations began in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C.

Several countries over that world celebrated their new year on different dates relating to their beliefs. It was with the introduction of Julian calendar that 1st January came to be celebrated as New Year. Since then on, new year celebrations have been a part and parcel of our lives.

Celebrating New Year
The whole world celebrates New Year together. The euphoria of extravagant celebrations full of enthusiasm, fervor and zest are moments worth capturing. Music and dance are integral to all festivities on this day. Stunning fireworks light up the sky as the world rises to a new hope.

New Year Celebrations in India
New Year is like a national festival in India, that erases all limits drawn by religion, caste, colour or gender. Everyone observes the day with alike feelings of joy.

The New Year’s Eve is an evening to behold. The excitement to celebrate ‘The Day’ begins a week before, with all tourist destinations being adorned in hues of happiness. As the clock sticks 12 at midnight of 31 Dec, there’s an over joyous pomp and show around the world. People take to streets, discotheques, concerts, halls, and every possible spot where they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Parties, feasts are a common scenario.

When it is about India, it is about worship. Every person’s day in India begins with a prayer. Therefore, the beginning of the year becomes all the more an auspicious day of worshipping and thanking almighty. Temples are visited and prayers are sung to pray for a good year ahead.

While some celebrate the occasion thoroughly by themselves and their dear ones, a lot of people also spend the day sharing the joy with the less privileged. New year witnesses a number of charitable events being held all across the country to spread the ray of happiness.

For those who resort to having a cosy indoor time on the chill-filled new year day, media serves them the best of celebrations going on around the world. From New York to London, Vancouver to Delhi to Shanghai past Dubai, they serve the most delicious food to our platter.

The Twist of Resolutions
When we talk about new year there’s one thing that must not be missed. Yes you guess it right, The New Year Resolution!

An integral part of the occasion is the promise we make to ourselves at the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Though most of us end up breaking our resolution in a day or two, the age old tradition, which remains to be one of the most exciting part of the day is kept alive by all of us.

No matter in what unique ways the world raises a toast to the new beginning, the central idea is to bid farewell to the year gone-by and welcome the new year as a fresh chapter in the hope of having prosperity and happiness in everyone’s life.

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